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Jude was one of the main speakers at the PhotoVoice events.

Jude @ Apple Store – Covent Garden

Jude was asked to share her thoughts on photojournalism and her experience of the...

Tour De France 2014

Official behinds the scenes photographer for the Tour de France 2014

Jude has worked with ...

ASO Tour de France
Welcome to Yorkshire
Stage One
England Rugby
Irwin Mitchell
Team Raleigh
Team Giant Alpecin
Apple Inc
British Triathlon

Serpentine Gallery
Team Dimension Data
Leeds Rhinos
Harrogate Theatre
Sheffield Crucible Theatre
Yorkshire RUFC
Help for Heroes
Harewood House
Ride 25
Prologue Cycling
Mixed Ability Rugby World Tournament
Huddersfield Football Club
Buddy Holly Foundation
Americana UK



I feel like you are not stealing anything from me when you take my picture.

Louise Coffin
(Carole Kings Daughter)

I feel like I don't need to put my lipstick on when you take my photo.

Kimmie Rhodes

I’ve worked with Jude Palmer on a number of occasions as well as facilitating exhibitions of her work here at Harrogate Theatre. Jude brings immense energy, intelligence and humour to any situation she is working in whether it is a photo shoot, preparing an exhibition or a networking event.

Jude has photo-documented the rehearsal process of two shows that I have written and produced at Harrogate Theatre - Loaded and Aladdin. On each occasion Jude was able to become very quickly trusted and anonymous within the rehearsal room enabling her to capture some of the most intimate and poignant moments of the process without making any of the actors feel self-conscious. Jude clearly has an emotional connection with the people and the situation she is working in, which allows her to instinctively identify the relevance of what is in front of her. It is this emotional sensitivity combined with her professional skill that invariably leads to an image that articulates the essence of her subject matter and each image also contains a resonant narrative.

David Bown
Harrogate Theatre

I am Chair of Trustees of the PhotoVoice participatory photography charity (https://photovoice.org/). Working in partnerships with other charities, NGOs and community organisations, PhotoVoice designs and delivers tailor-made participatory photography, digital storytelling and self-advocacy projects for socially excluded groups.

As part of the 2014 Kings Place Words on Monday series, PhotoVoice delivered “Motion Blur: A Night of Talks at the Intersection of Cycling and Photography” - an evening of illustrated stories and compelling examples of where the worlds of cycling and photography collide. The event, which was part of Photomonth 2014, featured a presentation by Jude Palmer. Jude volunteered her time and was not remunerated for her contribution.

Jude spoke of her journey into sport photography, and her experiences as an official ‘behind the scenes’ photographer of the 2014 Tour de France. Jude’s presentation was absorbing. She immediately engaged the audience in her story, which was complemented by powerful and compelling images chosen from her photography portfolio. The feedback we received was that Jude’s presentation was the highlight of the evening and that it challenged and captivated the audience in equal measure.

I would be delighted to recommend Jude as both a speaker and a photographer, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Best regards

Fiona Hammond
Chair of Trustees

I confirm that I have known Jude Palmer is a professional capacity since 2009.

During that time we have, as a firm, supported her projects as the official behind the scenes photographer covering the Tour de France and the official Rugby World Cup commemorative journal. We have worked together on a number of less well known initiatives. During all of our dealings we have been impressed with Jude’s work ethic as well as her ability to deliver to tight deadlines and budgets. Quite apart from that, Jude clearly has exceptional abilities as a photographer and to gain access to areas others simply don’t which enables Jude to get shots others don’t get. Examples hang in our reception. This ability has enabled Jude to secure commissions for major sporting events.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Morris
For and on behalf of Irwin Mitchell LLP

As President of British Cycling my work has brought me into contact with many photographers whose work can be found across cycling specific titles. During this time I’ve come to appreciate the evocative and thought provoking style of image that is as much about the art as it is about the action. Whilst the weight of the paper doesn’t always guarantee quality it’s been good to see the development in recent years of several cycling magazines that use exactly this style of photography. The outcomes are for me the type of reads that are an occasion rather than a catch up.

With this as a background; my first contact with Jude Palmer took place in 2013, she had recently been appointed by Welcome to Yorkshire as their resident photographer to chart the development of the upcoming Tour de France Grand Depart and its impact, not just on the cycling community but the wider population of Yorkshire. As commissions go; I understand it was loose in its brief and massively wide in its scope, recording as it did the rising tide of public interest around the Tour’s arrival. Uniquely, as an embedded photographer Jude had access to many of the behind the scene’s events including the many support promotions that Welcome to Yorkshire steered on the lead up to the Grand Depart. It would have been all too easy to have simply created a pictorial diary but I came to appreciate that this wasn’t Jude’s style. Armed with a significant portfolio of photos she set about the task of laying down a piece of work that was not only about the Tour but also about the social impact, in a way that is rarely captured in cycling journalism.

The resulting book “The Grandest of Grand Departs” is a publication that for many years I will continue to read to take me back to the occasion, as much as to the event, as I feel that it should rightly hold a position as a social chapter for our sport.

Since her work was completed on the Grand Depart I have kept in touch with Jude and know of her work within cycling teams and more recently with another behind the scenes commission for the Rugby Union World Cup. I think it’s fair to say that Jude is only at the beginning of her media journey but I believe that she has the talent to be a considerable asset to those who have an eye for her undoubted flair.


Bob Howden OBE FRSA
President & Chairman of the Board
British Cycling