Words of Love

‘The Words of Love’ project and book is a phenomenal and inspirational piece of artistic and journalist work, which aims to celebrate and commemorate the life and work of Buddy Holly, through the artists he inspired, 60 years after his untimely death in 1959.

‘The Words of Love’ project began over two years ago when the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation and I set off on an incredible journey to photograph over 60 “Ambassadors and honoured friends” of the Foundation, receiving their perfect replica Buddy Holly’s original Gibson J-45 Guitar.

Each then wrote their own ‘Words of Love’, a personal and intimate hand written message, which uniquely captures their thoughts and feelings towards Buddy Holly and what he means to them personally, as an artist, and his impact on music today.

All this, with incredible personal stories and amazing intimate photographic art, has been beautifully crafted into a very special hardbound book over 400 pages which will be an inspiration, and legacy for years to come.

Never before has a book like this been created. A visionary journey into the lives of incredible musical artists seen through the prism of Buddy Holly and his legacy. The images and the words in this book will provide a unique and exclusive insight into the artists who celebrate Buddy and his life.

There are so many moments when I had to pinch myself, hold my breath with excitement as I went on this worldwide journey with Peter from the BHEF to capture these music icons and legends often in very private and intimate settings and often with limited time.

“I can remember us waiting in a Nashville mall car park watching the phone waiting to get the call to see if we were going to be invited to photograph Don Everly, a recluse more or less now and an absolute legend of music. We had been told there was no way, but it happened, as many things just have with this crazy project. It is a moment I will never forget and to finally meet the man was a real honor, and to be allowed to shoot him in his own home was literally insane! He was a particular personal hero for Peter, and I could see how special this was for him. I got back in the car after the shoot and burst into tears. What a thrill and privilege”. I said to Peter “Buddy is with us”

The book is being published later in the year and will be sold worldwide.