Jude captures images with a unique perspective. She looks beyond the superficial to reveal the social and political narrative that has created any given moment. The composition of her work has the capacity to be illuminating and dynamic as she continually seeks to explore an alternative understanding of her subject matter. Jude’s technical approach to photography is refreshingly pure, with clear and simple principles of execution. However she’s not afraid to experiment with form and content and she will take risks to access an image, risks that generate a breath-taking range from the grand to the intimate, sometimes effortlessly combining the two together. Jude is a photographer who will challenge your sensibilities to reinterpret your environment and she is an artist that encourages you to examine the reality of a moment.

Jude’s ability to capture a profound moment, using any camera including phones, and her talent to see situations that others may have missed led to her appointment as the official behind the scenes photographer of the Grand Depart. Following this Jude has been commissioned by the RFU legacy committee to document the 2015 Rugby World Cup. She has also recently documented the Calais Jungle following the recent refugee crisis. Jude will be working shortly with a number of cycling teams for next season and will continue to capture the essence of any adventure that may come her way.

Jude has worked with ...

ASO Tour de France
Welcome to Yorkshire
Stage One
England Rugby
Irwin Mitchell
Team Raleigh
Team Giant Alpecin
Apple Inc

Serpentine Gallery
Team Dimension Data
Leeds Rhinos
Harrogate Hosptial
Harrogate Theatre
Sheffield Crucible Theatre
Yorkshire RUFC
Help for Heroes
Harewood House
Ride 25
Prologue Cycling
Mixed Ability Rugby World Tournament